DRAGON DASH Backpack Tags Fundraising Rewards!!

The rewards are based on how much the students have raised online and offline. The offline amounts are based on what is sent or handed in directly to school. The PTA will credit that to the student's pledge page manually Again, please make sure you clearly label any cash/checks with child's name and teacher (if possible). Offline donations have no fees. You can still pledge them online by going to Student Resources tab at bottom of student's pledge page. 
All students who register for the Dragon Dash will receive a blue tag even if they do not raise anything. Students that reach various donation levels will receive the colored tag on that level. Students are eligible for the rewards on all the levels reached. For example, a student who raises $50 will receive rewards from the $10 and $20 levels. 
Donations levels are registration (blue), $10 (red), $25 (green), $50 (yellow), $100 (silver), and $150 (gold).
Tags will be passed out to students the Friday before the Dragon Dash, October 20th.
Picture below is just a representation. Colors below may not be actual match to donation level.

How many can you collect?