What is this??

Dragon Dash Color Fun Run is a large fundraiser for Olney Elementary School. The Color Fun Run is not a race, but a fun event the whole student body and teachers can enjoy on October 21, 2017 (parents and siblings can join for a small registration fee). The kids will make their way around a course while getting "colored" at different stations on the course and are given certificates at the end!! Kids are asked to find sponsors willing to donate money on their behalf. Sponsors can also make a flat donation.

Does my child have to register on-line to participate?

All participants must be registered with waivers. If your child has any interest in this event please fill out the registration form and waiver on this site. This does not obligate them to participate. On the day of the event there will be a registration table with waivers available and students may still participate as long as a waiver is signed by a parent (but to avoid long line, we really hope you?ll do this on-line). If you do not have access to a computer paper forms are available in the office.

Easiest Way Ever to Ask for Donations.

This website gives you a super quick way to reach out to family & friends, simply email a link to your page to family & friends. You can also post it to your FB and Twitter accounts with a quick click. So much easier then going door-to-door! In addition to the website, there will be instructions, pledge sheets, and information about prizes for the kids going out Tuesday September 6. Additional pledge sheets will be available online and in the office.

Ugh! I hate fundraising.

We all do. But, the PTA does need funds to do all the awesome things we do for the kids, teachers and the school community. And remember, we are a non-profit, so your donation is tax deductible (if your donation is over $250 please email for a separate receipt)
Interested in making a donation in support of a specific student? Go to the "Donate For Student".
Can't find your student, or just looking to make a quick donation? Go to the "Donate Now".

How long is the course and what is the “color”??

The course is approximately 1 mile. At different stations throughout the course the athlete will be gently sprayed with a different color of dry, non-toxic powder. We suggest participants wear swim goggles or sunglasses for eye protection (although every attempt will be made to keep the color below the head!). We also encourage everyone to wear white shirts, if possible. At the end of the Dragon Dash we trust we will have a very colorful, happy and healthy group of participants!!

Tell me more about the color.

The colors are made up of corn starch and are approved for use in foods, cosmetics and/or drugs. We don't recommend you eat it! They say it tastes like colored dirt, yuck! To clean up: The easiest way to get it off is while it's still dry (shake, wiggle, jump up and down, vacuum, etc). After that, soap and water, with a little rinse and repeat action will do the trick. We do encourage participants to wear sunglasses (not only will everyone look way more cool) but it will greatly reduce the chances of colors in eyes. However, never fear if the color does get in your eyes, the color is non-toxic. A simple rinse with water will take care of you.

What if we want to keep the colored shirts?

Color can be made permanent by soaking the item in vinegar, allowing it to air dry, and then ironing it before putting it through the regular wash.

How do I pledge a student?

You can pledge a student by going online to their personal Dragon Dash page. To find their page go to the Donate For Student.

What if I don’t want to put my credit card information on the internet – Can I still pledge?

Absolutely!! For checks please make them payable to OES PTA. Don't forget to send the money in with your child or drop it in the office. Please clearly label an envelope with the students name so we know which student to give credit.

Questions: email us at